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Gan Yeladim


The Gan is a Jewish, Reggio-inspired Pre School that provides an emotionally secure environment supportive of children, families and staff.

The world of early childhood naturally involves lots of “stuff” – there are the blocks, the art materials, the books, the music, the outdoors and on. The more important pieces are harder to see: the magic, the wonder, the glow of effort crowned by success. And most important of all – the “Morahs”, the dedicated teachers we are blessed to have in Gan. Morah Vivi Deren, Founding Director

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About Gan Yeladim


Our Mission is to provide our children, families, and staff with a positive, meaningful experience of Jewish values and traditions, with a focus on fostering emotional intelligence, critical thinking, self-understanding, collaboration, giving, and an appreciation of the inner goodness of all people.


Our Vision is a safe, loving, and inclusive learning community where children, families, and staff feel welcomed, accepted, and supported and where individuals are empowered to contribute their unique experiences, interests, abilities, ideas, and questions.

The Gan is a Jewish, Reggio-inspired preschool committed to excellence in early childhood education.  We provide an environment that is emotionally secure and supportive of children, families, and staff.  We believe in active, hands-on learning, and our bright, expansive classrooms include a wide variety of authentic, developmentally appropriate materials.  As educators we strive to build upon the unique strengths and interests of each child and to help children become independent thinkers by offering meaningful choices, asking open-ended questions, and listening closely with the intent to understand and respond.

For more information visit http://www.ganyeladim.org or email wendy@stamfordchabad.org

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