Hebrew School of the Arts

JUDA - "Where JUDAism Comes Alive"

Welcome to JUDA, an exciting and innovative Jewish educational after school program.

Tuesday 4-5:30PM ~ For children ages 5-9

At JUDA, we believe that children learn best through interactive experiences, hands-on discoveries, and small groups. Children experience the ideas and ideals which are taught in a tangible and artistic manner, through crafts, drama, outdoor adventures, and more.

Here at JUDA, they have the opportunity to meet and make friends with local Jewish kids, and are encouraged to have fun, ask questions, and be an active participant in their Jewish journey.

Our program is founded on the principle that, while Jews embrace many levels of observance in their personal lives, there should be a place for all Jews to develop a sense of community and engage in activities which will enhance their Jewish experience.

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