Gan Yeladim Events

Open to the community

GAN EVENTS 2023 -2024 

Aug 24th 

New Parent Orientation 8PM - **GAN CLOSED**

Aug 28th

First Day of School

Aug 31st

GFC Meet 'n Greet

Sept 8th

Back to School Family Pre Shabbat Party 5:00PM

Sept 27th

Parents Back to School Night at Gan Yeladim 7:45PM

Oct 3th

Supper In The Sukkah 5PM

Oct 7th

Kids Hakafot In The Park 4:00PM

Oct 12th

Tiny Treasures- Got Shabbat Begins 9:30AM

Oct 24th

GFC Meeting - Coffee with Leah & Hillary 9:00AM

Oct 27th

Gan Shabbat Dinner 5:30PM

Nov 5th

Family Day & Gan Open House 9:30-11AM

Nov 18th

Shabbat Across Gan

Nov 21st

GFC Meeting - Coffee with Leah & Hillary 9:00AM

Nov 22nd

Thankful Bracha Party 12:00PM

Dec 7th

GFC Chanukah Pizza and PJs 5PM

Dec 10th

Giant Menorah Lighting at Latham Park 4:30PM

Dec 12th

GFC Meeting - Coffee with Leah & Hillary 9:00AM

Dec 12th

Classroom Chanukah Celebrations (Toddler 9:15 Preschool 10:15)

Dec 25th

GAN CLOSED - Gan Family Day 10:00AM

Jan 6th

Havdalah in PJs 6:00PM

Jan 10th

Donuts For Dad 9:00AM

Jan 21st

Annual Gala Dinner 5:30PM

Jan 24th

GFC Breakfast For Supper 5:00PM

Jan 27th

Tiny Treasures & Toddler Shabbat Party 11:00AM

Feb 4th

Gan Literacy & Jewish Book Week Kick off event at the Ferguson Library 3:30pm

Feb 5-8th

Jewish Book Week Nightly Storytime (on ZOOM) at 6:15PM

Feb 6th

GFC Meeting - Coffee with Leah & Hillary 9:00AM

Mar 14th

π Pi for Parents 9:00AM

Mar 23th

Chabad Annual Purim Bash 8:15PM

Mar 24th

Purim Seudah & Carnival 4:00PM

Mar 25th

Shushan Purim!! Gan Carnival 9:30 AM

Apr 10th

GFC Meeting - Coffee with Leah & Hillary 9:00AM

Apr 17th

Model Seder For Children in Gan

May 6-10th

Teacher Appreciation Week

May 10th

Grandparents & Special Grown- Ups Day 9:00AM

May 13th

Picture Day

May 26th

Lag B'Omer Family BBQ & Trike-A-Thon 4:30PM

May 30th

GFC Meeting/ Thanks To Volunteers-Wine & Cheese 8:00PM

Jun 6th

End of Year Celebration W/ Parents, Toddlers 9:15AM | 3s 10:15AM

Jun 10th

Gan Pre- K Graduation 9:30AM

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