The Shul

A Community for all

The Shul is a place where Jews congregate, create community and connect to G-D.

Chabad of Stamford is a home for every Jew!

Core Services

LifeCycle Events

Celebrate Life Jewishly


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Mincha and Kabbalat Shabbat:

Winter (Rosh Hashanah to Pesach): At candle lighting time (see above)

Summer (From Pesach to Rosh Hashanah): 6:30pm



Shacharit: 9:45am

Shabbat Groups: 10:30am - 12:00pm

Kiddush Farbrengen: 12:00pm

Mincha: At candle lighting time (From Pesach to Rosh Hashanah)

Ma’ariv: At conclusion of Shabbat


Children 0-12 are welcome to join our Shabbat Kid's services starting at 10:30AM 


The Kiddush has become a vital part of Chabad of Stamford as it does much to create friendships, community and the warm Shul atmosphere in which we take great pride.

Sponsor a Kiddush

You may choose to sponsor a kiddush in honor of an event of your choice. May the merit of sponsoring this beautiful event bring you and yours all the blessings of Nachas, happiness and much success in all your endeavors. Click here for more information.

Teffilin Club

Start the week off on a high! Join the guys to wrap Tefillin, say Shema, share some words of Torah & inspiration & bond over a bagels and lox breakfast. Sunday mornings, 8:00-9:00am. 

The Space Here When You Need It

The SPACE is a place for you to come to in quiet solitude, meditation or prayer, and be enveloped by  holiness.

In a time of need, no matter how trivial the need may seem-or in a time of joy-or to simply be-stop by The  SPACE to leave refreshed and reconnected.

The SPACE is housed in a Shul where the traditional Aron Kodesh holding the holy Torah scrolls is the focal point.

The SPACE provides Jewish readings, prayers and spiritual insights for self-guided reflection and contemplation.

Hamakom provides The SPACE for the quiet dialogue.

Monday – Friday 7:30 am - 6:00 pm or by appointment

Chabad of Stamford 770 High Ridge Road, Stamford, CT 06905

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