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What’s a Shul?

Shul is open to every Jewish person looking for a place to come and be with others – to learn, to pray, and just be together. We believe that davening (praying) should be a learning and participatory experience, and participation can take many forms. You’ll find tunes, prayers, and practices that you have observed in other shuls. Even if all this is not yet familiar to you, we really want you to be comfortable. At Shul, you don’t have to worry about “doing something wrong”. Your very presence has great meaning, for us as well as for you. You’re with friends – better yet, you’re with family.

So, to help you feel more at home, we offer the following description of some of our unique characteristics: 

The Space

The very shape of our building is in itself a mission statement. An open book – inviting all to come and study. Another characteristic of our space is that men and women sit separately during prayer times divided by a separation called a “Mechitza”. The Mechitza (separation) is intended to create a focused environment and to build community. A separation that builds community? If that seems to be a contradiction, great – we now have something to discuss!



The Rabbi and Gabbai frequently interrupt the prayers and Torah Reading to offer insights into a particular passage, or to give “markers” to let you know where we are. If you prefer to continue your own prayers at this time, please do so. If you have a question, please ask. You’ll almost certainly be expressing a question that someone else has, so you’re really doing a public service by speaking up! And if speaking up is not your style, turn to your neighbor. We’re all happy to help.


The Siddur (Prayer Book)

The prayer books we use not only offer a superb translation of the prayers (we have both English and Russian translations), but clear instructions as well. Additionally, many prayers are recited in unison in English, Hebrew, or both. The prayer books also have transliterations of some of these prayers.

Our Unique “Business Model”

A strong sense of community creates the special environment unique to the Shul. Of course, what’s also unique about our Shul is that we don’t charge membership or dues of any kind – everyone is always welcome. Now, this is probably not the best business model, especially during tough economic times. But it’s one we are committed to.

That being said, a warm environment does not pay the bills. What keeps our doors open is the generosity of our community. We’re nothing without you. To make a contribution to the Shul, please click Here or send a check made out to Chabad of Stamford: 770 High Ridge Rd., Stamford, CT 06905.

Lifecycle Events

Join the Shul to celebrate your life cycles, such as baby naming of a girl, bris for a boy, bar mitzvahs or bat mitzvahs. Click below for more information.

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